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Wired Glass


5.5mm, 6mm


2000*1500mm, 2134*1524mm, 2134*1830mm, 2440*1830mm, 2440*2000mm

Wired Glass is a “reinforced concrete” type of safe, decorative flat glass formed by inserting a metal wire mesh into the glass through a special laying device during the glass forming process

  • Good fireproof safety: National standard C Type II Grade fireproof material. wired glass is suitable to beused as an efficient fireproof material. Evenwired glass broken in the fire, the fragments willstill connect with each other by the wire meshes,and not fall down, which prevent fire spreading.
  • Ideal shockproof safety: When broken, fragments will not drop or splash.
  • High-end hazy decorative: Various design to choose.

Wired Glass

Wired Glass
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