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Epoxy Mirror

Glass Colors

Clear, Low Iron, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Green etc….

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm

2440*1830mm, 3300*2140mm, 3300*2250mm, 3300*2440mm, 3660*2140mm,  3660*2440mm

Epoxy mirror is new generation copper free mirror, whose performance has been significantly upgraded.
Epoxy mirror is one of the main products of Glory Glass with good Wholesale Price and quality, Factory direct sales are the Cheapest. Our company is a professional suppliers china and manufacturers, with various products For sale.

· The Epoxy mirror are good-looking on both side. the paint side is firm and smooth, the glass side is clear and bright.
· The paint protect-bility of epoxy mirror is much better, so the problems of ‘black edge’ will be greatly decreased.
· The lifetime will be three times longer than common mirror, and the performance is certainly better.

Product Name Paint supplier Back paint Color   Adhesion cross cut Test CASS CASS Extended Test Remarks
Test  120h
Regular silver mirror(HSM) FenZi grey GT2 OK 360h
Copper-free mirror(CFM) FenZi  green GT2 OK 384h Pass ROHS quality standard
copper-free Epoxy mirror)(EPM) Grincoat light green GT1 OK 600h 1、Better protection,Better resistance.                    2、Pass ROHS quality standard

Epoxy Mirror

Epoxy Mirror
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