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Clear Pattern Glass


3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm


2000*1500mm, 2134*1524mm, 2134*1830mm, 2440*1830mm, 2440*2000mm

Pattern Glass is a kind of special processed translucent decorative glass with single-sided or double-sided embossed during the production. Its unique decorativeness, which on one hand lets the light through fully, on the other hand, prevents the perspective effectively, creating an excellent appearance and hidden effects.

  • Pattern Glass designs are colorful and original. Some are hazy and quiet, some are beautiful and lively, some are antique and elegant, and some are bold and imaginative.
  • The patterns are with strong stereoscopic impression and will never fade, which will suit your various decoration demands.
  • Patterned glass can be cut, grinded, drilled, tempered, laminating, screen printing and other reprocessing.

Clear Pattern Glass

Clear Pattern Glass
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