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Acid Etched Glass


4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 1mm, 15mm


2440*1830, 3300*2140, 3300*2250, 3660*2140, 3660*2250mm,etc..

Acid Etched Glass also called frosted glass that’s no finger print glass has a uniformly smooth, silky surface; frosted glass is translucent and matte in appearance. Frosted glass transmits levels of diffused light, whilst providing privacy from adjacent glass. Glory Satin frosted glass is produced by frosted one face or double face of the clear glass, ultra clear, colored glass, clear silver mirror or ultra clear silver mirror etc…

  • Fixed and sliding partitions
  • Offices, Hotels, restaurants etc,
  • Glass doors
  • Windows and facade glazing
  • Shower and bath screens
  • Furniture (glazed cupboards, kitchen and bathroom furniture, tables, countertops, shelves) Balconies
  • Stair treads and floor panels.


Acid Etched Glass

Acid Etched Glass
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