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Laminated Glass


6.38-17.52mm etc.


3660*2550mm/ 1830*2440/2000*2440mm/3300*2140mm etc.

Glass Colors

Clear, Milk white, Green, Blue, Bronze, Grey etc…

Laminated Glass refers to a film that is bonded together between two ordinary glass sheets and pressed together. It is made by good quality adhesive interayer and advanced bond technology. The thickness of the monolithic glass and the thickness of the PVB interlayer film, different colors, will give different performance. This makes the complete adhesion of the vinyl and the glass. In the event of breakage, the glass fragments remain bonded to the plastic interlayer. Laminated glass contains annealed laminated glass and tempered laminated glass.

  • Edge Worked — Grinded, Polished, Flat Edge, Round Edge all available.
  • Sandblasted or Acid Etched — These processing can be done both before and after laminating.
  • Heat-Strengthened, Tempered or Heat Soaked — The components must be heat-treated before laminating.
  • Assembled Into Insulated-Glazing-Unit
  • Coated a Solar Control Coating, or a Low-Emissivity Coating — These processing can be done both before and after laminating.

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass
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