100G cost-effective OTN Solution for Data Center

The most cost-effective 100G solution within 80km

The 100G PAM4 solution has a significant cost advantage over the 100G coherent solution. Products from PAM4 use the QSFP28 form factor, and it is possible to apply this module directly in 100G switch ports without equiping an additional 100G Transponder/Muxponder. With amplifiers and dispersion compensators, 100G PAM4 modules can transmit tens of kilometers. It is a high-efficiency solution for the interconnection of medium and short distance data centers.

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Application Features

The application distance is within 80km, with amplifier and dispersion compensator. Realize 100G DWDM transmission.

The module is used directly with the switch, saving the cost of transponder cards. The module cost is lower than 100G coherent, and the overall solution is very cost-effective.

The systems at both ends can be of different brands, and the system power consumption is low.